Cleaning materials 1Nachem is the leading cleaning equipment supplier in Limpopo, as well as a supplier of cleaning accessories and cleaning chemicals. Founded in 2009, we have years of experience in the cleaning industry, and coupled with our skilled team, we supply cleaning equipment products that are of a very high quality, that work.

Our cleaning equipment are made using strict guidelines, to ensure that the quality is unparalleled.

Some of the cleaning equipment that we supply include double bucket mop trolleys, double bucket steel trolley, steel wringer, carpet blower, carpet cleaning machine K352, carpet cleaning machine K353, machine N400 or N450, pad drive or brush, varied capacity vacuum cleaners, walk behind scrubbers and more.

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Take a look at our full range of cleaning equipment:

  • Double Bucket Mop trolley
  • Double Bucket Steel Trolley
  • Household Trolley 20 litre & Divider
  • Single Bucket Trolley 36 litre
  • Steel Trolley 28 litre
  • Steel Wringer
  • Carpet Blower
  • Carpet Cleaning Machine K352
  • Carpet Cleaning Machine K353
  • High Pressure 3kW Metal Cover
  • High Pressure 5.5kW Metal Cover
  • High Pressure 6.5 litre Petrol
  • Machine N400 or N450
  • Pad Drive or Brush
  • Rotary 425 Brush & Pad drive incl.
  • Tank
  • Vacuum Cleaner SS 15 litre
  • Vacuum Cleaner SS 30 litre
  • Vacuum Cleaner SS 70 litre
  • Vacuum Cleaner SS 80 litre 2 Motor
  • Walk Behind Scrubber