Cleaning-ChemicalsWe are a professional cleaning chemicals supplier company in Limpopo that manufactures and supplies cleaning chemicals for home, office and industrial use.

We have years of experience in the industry, and with our skilled team, we make cleaning chemicals using only the best ingredients, to ensure the products we make are of a very high quality.

Based in Limpopo, we supply our cleaning chemicals to different parts of South Africa, because we make only quality products that are geared at improving people’s lives.

Some of the cleaning chemicals that we make include: general detergents like bleach and air fresheners, car care products, products that clean the floor and products geared at laundry like fabric softener.

Get in contact with us, if you are looking for a cleaning chemicals supplier in Limpopo, to get the cleaning chemicals you need to clean your home, your office building or your warehouse.

Take a look at our full range of products:

Thick bleach– it usually used to remove veg fat and oily stuff Carpet shampoo– dry foam shampoo for manual and machine use Floor polish wax– cement floor polish in lavender, black, green, red, white and pink Bleach– stabilized liquid bleach 5%
Handy cleaner– removes dirty on the  fridges, fine abrasive Spot remover– upholstery and garment Floor sealer– polymer dressing Fabric softener– lavender, peach and strawberry
Air freshener– found in lavender, apple, strawberry, cherry, lemon and maxi fresh Dash board shampoo– white perfumed leaves dash clean and neat Hi-shine 15%- floor dressing Stain remover for linen– removes blood from garments and linen
Bowl cleaner-cleans bath and bowl , removes yellow lime scale Degreaser– clean engine & mags undiluted Hi-shine 25%- high floor dressing and buff able Liquid washing soap
Hand liquid soap, pink and lavender for hands cleaning Car polish Mop and shine– polymer coated floor High foam washing powder
Black fluid-creosote type deodoriser and drainage use Car wash and wax– protect vehicle body and shiny Buff and spray– to be used with buffing machine Low foam washing powder
Brick cleaner-acid base to remove cement on the face bricks Body polish Floor stripper– ammoniated – restore floor origin Powdered bleach
Stain remover-remove dirty spot, blood and grease Aluminium cleaner Floor stripper– non-ammoniated restore floor origin Superior washing powder-very strong powder to wash and bleach with extra foaming
Oven cleaner– grease remove from oven Air freshener tin 400ml Tile cleaner– high degreaser
Window cleaner– leave window clean from steak free Leather cream– clean and conditioner for leather upholstery Tile sealer– polymer dressing
Pine gel– green and orange gel, ideal for cleaning bathrooms and toilets Hand cleaner with GRIT– waterless cleaner undiluted
Deo blocks-for urinal toilets and bathroom-smell good Tyre and bumper polish
Urinal screen– for good smelling in the urinal bowl
Drain cleaner– granular or liquid to clear blocked drain- hazardous
Scouring powder– disinfecting powder with lemon
Teak oil– wood furniture restoration
Furniture polish-400ml
Multipurpose cleaner– clean floor, bowl and basin
Dish washing liquid-green and yellow with lemon fragment(hands use)
Bubble bath
Tent cleaner
Stain steel cleaner
Mortuary cleaner
Germicidal sanitizer-mobile toilet and drains
Toilet Bowl cleaner-cleans bath and bowl , removes yellow lime scale