Cleaning-accessoriesOur company supplies high quality cleaning accessories in Limpopo, which work extremely well with the cleaning chemicals that we make.

We supply cleaning accessories and cleaning chemicals to a lot of households and companies. Our commitment is to our clients, to ensure that they only get the best products and the best service.

Some of the cleaning accessories that we supply include brooms, brushes, buckets, cleaning rags, double bucket mop trolley, dust masks, dust pans, feather dusters, gloves, gutterbrooms, polish applicators, spray bottles, toilet brushes, wet floor sign boards, window cleaning kits and more.


Window Washer Extended Green  400mm Pads
 Cleaning Rags (5kg) 425mm Pads
 Double Bucket Mop Trolley 450mm Broom Hard & Soft
 Window Washer (Garage) 450mm Pads
 Window Cleaning Kit 500mm Pads
 Wet Floor Sign Board 600mm Broom Hard & Soft
 Toilet paper 48 (2ply) Broom Plastic Base (300mm)
 Toilet paper 48 (1ply) Brush Plastic
 Toilet Brush Brush Shoe
 Steelwool 500g Brush Upholstery (180mm)
 Steel Wringer Brush with Handle (150mm)
 Steel Trolley 28 liter Brush Wood (150mm)
 Spunslace Cloth (Packet 50) Bucket 12 litre
 Spray bottle trigger 750ml Bucket 22 litre
 Spray Bottle Trigger 1litre Builders Brush
 Spray Bottle Complete  Green Pads Thin (10)
 Scourer Pot 30g (24 bag) Colour Coded Broom (300mm)
 Round Mop 400g Colour Coded Cloth
 Round Micro Fibre Mop Single Bucket Trolley 36 liter
 Refuse Bags Clear (Packet 20) Double Bucket Steel Trolley
 Refuse Bags 40 Micron (Packet 20) Dust Mask
 Refuse Bags 25 Micron (Packet 20) Dust Mop 600mm Complete
 Refuse Bags 30 Micron (Packet 20) Dust Pan Metal Long Handle
 Refuse Bags 35 Micron (Packet 20) Dust Pan Plastic
 Fan Mop 400g Complete Wood Hand Fan Mop 400g Complete Wood Hand
 Polish Applicator Head 300 Fan Mop 400g Head
 Polish Applicator Handle 300 Fan Mop 500g Head
 Polish Applicator Complete Fan Mop Handle All (Fixed Wire)
 Mutton Cloth Fan Mop Handle All (Loose Wire)
 Mop Broom Blue Micro Fibre Fan Mop Handle PVC Coated
 Microfibre Dust Mop 600mm Complete Fan Mop Handle Wood
 Micro Fibre Mop Head Only Fan Mop Head Hygienic
 Micro Fibre Cloths Each Feather Duster Antistatic
 Micro Fibre Cloths Box with 192 Feather Dusters Long 1.8m
 Long Handle Scoop Broom- Blue Feather Dusters Short
 House Broom Gloves Household (Yellow)
 Higienic Mop with Stick Gloves Nitrile (Green)
 Hand Pads Gloves Red PVC
 Gutterbroom Gloves Surgical (100 box)